IntimateWedding Package


Intimate Package Details $350
Whats Included?
  • 1 Hour at Historic Wedding Chapel or Gazebo
  • Minister to Officiate with Choice of Vows
  • Music or bring your own on a CD or iPhone
  • Eloquently Decorated Venue
  • Optional Photographer $200
What you need:
  • Your wedding rings
  • Your marriage license

Intimate Small Wedding Chapel Phoenix Venue

And intimate wedding can be a very beautiful way to say ‘I do.’ If you’re looking to book a small Wedding Venue up to 15 people Mission Chapel, Intimate Wedding Chapel Package is the way to go! Small Wedding Chapels can be hard to find, plus you’ll have to provide the decorations, music and everything in between yourself. Not with The Mission Chapel Intimate Wedding Chapel Package. You’ll get the most comprehensive small wedding ceremony package out there. When it comes to booking your small wedding options in Arizona – we’ve got you covered!

What Do You Get When You Book The Intimate Wedding Chapel Package

Mission Chapel is one of the most celebrated elopement chapels in Phoenix. We pride ourselves on being your one stop wedding shop! You’ll get a whole wedding day without the hustle and bustle of a traditional or DIY wedding. We do it all for you! That’s right – it’s like having a built in wedding planner for a fraction of the cost.

The Perks of the Intimate Wedding Chapel Package

Your small wedding Phoenix will be the most intimate affair ever with this sweet deal! With the Intimate Wedding Chapel Package, you’ll get an entire hour at the Mission Wedding Chapel or Gazebo. The Bride and Groom are welcome to invite up to 13 guests to stand by their side. While additional guests are $25 each, kids under 5 are free.


The minister, choice of vows, decorations and music are provided with the Intimate Wedding Chapel Package, as well. Need a photographer? We’ve got you covered on that too. For an additional $200, you’ll get the most professional wedding photos for less and not sacrifice on the look. Of course, you can always bring your own minister or photographer with this package, so there’s some sweet freedom to go along with your intimate wedding. There are also no blackout dates or times for this package, so you can pick your perfect date to say ‘I do.’ The best part about the Intimate Wedding Chapel package – you can reserve this wedding for just $350. That’s a fraction of a traditional wedding cost!


Don’t forget – Mission Chapel is the best alternative to a big wedding and we offer you loads of western fun. With lots of restaurants and bars, shopping, and golf you can take the wedding after party somewhere sweet near Scottsdale and keep it affordable, simple, and fun.

Shot Gun

Wedding Package


Bride & Groom
2 Witnesses


Wedding Package


Bride & Groom
13 Guests


Wedding Package


Bride & Groom
30 Guests


Wedding Package


Bride & Groom
43 Guests

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in Wedding Packages?

Wedding Chapel or Outside Gazebo Venue

Minister for your ceremony

Choice of Vows – Christian, No Mention or God or Custom

Decorations for the Venue

Music for your event

No blackout dates or times (even for Shot Gun Package!)

Scalable pricing so that you dont have to update to another package, additional Guests are only $25

Children under 5 do not count as guests

How much time do we get at the Venue?

Time at the venue depends on your package as follows:

Shot Gun Package: 30 minutes

Intimate Wedding Package: 60 minutes

Wild West Wedding Package: 60 minutes

Ultimate Wedding Package: 90 minutes

All ceremonies are performed in the same order and style. The only difference in time, for all the ceremonies, is that it takes more time to manage a larger group of guests. The ceremony itself will take anywhere between 5-15 minutes. The balance of the time, is spent congratulating the couple, taking family and group pictures on the grounds, and finally, private pictures of the couple.

Is there a place to change into my gown?

Yes, we have facilities to change into your wedding dress, and touch up your hair and makeup. As a matter of fact, the brides always come to the main building of the museum grounds, that way the guests and groom don’t see her before she walks down the aisle.

What time do I have my guests arrive?

Your guests should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your ceremony. Due to the nature of our weddings, we run on a tight schedule. We may have weddings before and after your ceremony, and therefore its very important that you notify your guests to arrive on-time. If you are your guests arrive more than 15 minutes early, we ask that you wait until the coordinator comes to greet you to ensure that you are not interupting someone elses wedding ceremony. This ensures a great experience for everyone.

Can you provide witnesses?

No, we do not have the ability to provide witnesses.

There are times that we are able to accomodate our couples since we are a husband and wife team. When we are together, one will perform the ceremony, the other can act as a witness. This option is only available on the weekends, since during the week we are often unable to both attend. In addition, if you choose to use our photographer, then she can also act as a witness, therefore providing you the two required witnesses.

How much are additional Guests?

Additional Guests are $25 each. Our packages are setup for the practical couple. Just have one more guest over your package limit? No worries, its just $25, that way you do not have to move up to the next package.

And children age 5 and under, are not included as guests, the only time they count towards the guest count is with the Ultimate Package because we are limited to the amount of people in the building due to the fire code. Therefore, no additional guests are allowed under the Ultimate Package, and children age 5 and under would be considered guests.

When can we come to an open house?

You may visit the Chapel during the musuem hours of Wednesday through Sunday from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. Leep in mind that we are not at the Chapel unless we are performing a wedding ceremony.

When you visit, please go to the front office and let the volunteers from the Cave Creek Museum know that you are there to take a peek at the Chapel. Keep in mind, its a historic building, and we do not leave wedding decorations up when not in use.

How do I book with your in-house photographer?

All the pictures on this website, are Bianca’s work. Yes, I hope that you are as impressed as we are with her! Best of all, when you book with us, we have special contracted rates with her.

Once you book, we get you in contact with Bianca, and you book with her directly for her services.

Can I bring my own Minister?

Yes, you may. Although a minister is included in all packages, you have the option to bring your own minister to perform your ceremony.

May I bring my own photographer?

Yes, you may. Although, we highly recommend our in house photographer, we do understand that sometimes our couples have a relationship with a family photographer. Keep in mind, that if you choose to bring your own photographer, they do count towards your guest count.

Where do I get my marriage license?

You may obtain your marriage license from the country clerk in the county you live in. If you are coming from another State, you are able to get your marriage license here in Maricopa County in the morning, and be married same day. Marriage License is $76.50 as of 2018.

You both  must be present to obtain the license, and you will need two witnesses to validate the marriage license.

How far out can I book my wedding?

We only book out 6 months in advance. For example, in January, we begin booking for June weddings. However, due to the nature of our ceremonies, we are able to perform multiple ceremonies in one day. During wedding season, we typically will have three weddings per day. So don’t be shy, ask about availablility. Its first come first served, and a deposit will hold your date and time.





Our North Phoenix – Cave Creek Wedding Chapel Location

Why did we choose Cave Creek? Its where you can have a destination type wedding, and still be in Phoenix. It’s one of the only places, you can elope instead of going to the courthouse, or justice of the peace, and have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from for your after party. There are so many places to choose from, most of our couples don’t even make reservations.

The Mission Chapel

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Wedding chapel ceremony times

Anytime! No blackout dates, or times, no matter what package.

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